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As a resident of Douglas County for more than 15 years, and someone who cares about our community’s well-being, I want to fight back against bigger, more intrusive government.  We recently moved to badly needed larger quarters in Commissioner District 1 to make room for my recently widowed mother-in-law.  This move made me especially aware of the financial challenges many county residents face every day.  For these reasons, I’ve decided to run for county commissioner.

I believe that government should serve the people and that it is government’s solemn duty to be both responsive and respectful of the people’s interests. Not the other way around. I want to change the way certain commissioners seem to never miss an opportunity to vote “Yes” on new taxes, often using the excuse, “Other counties are doing this, so why shouldn’t we?” I will respectfully and carefully listen to you, and I will represent you when I vote.

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan: Government is not the answer to our problems, it is the problem. Of course, reasonable and essential taxes are needed for our County to function, but all of the tax increases and bonds (for millions of dollars of indebtedness that  you  owe) for the last several years have been foisted upon us without our vote.  I believe the people should determine whether or not there should be any addition to their tax burden, not a majority of the commissioners. I pledge to reject any and all new taxes to be imposed by the Board of Commissioners and to insist that decisions about new taxes be taken to the people for a vote.

Our taxes go only one way – up – and yet we still have the same problems that have plagued this county for years. Our roads, water systems, sewer systems and flood control methods are in need of attention.  Why, after all these years, are our roads still in need of restoration and repair?  Because your taxes have been used for projects not supported by the people and to service bond debt you never approved.  As Commissioner, I pledge to address YOUR needs first.  I will do this by actually listening to you, the citizens of Douglas County.

I promise to be your personal government watchdog when it comes to spending YOUR money.  I am offering you a clear choice.  You can continue on the tax and spend pathway currently in place, or elect someone who will adhere to the ethos of limited, accountable government.  I am that person.  The decision is, as it should be, YOURS.  

And I humbly request your vote.

Dave Nelson, Candidate for Commissioner, Dave's wife Jeanne Shizuru, Jeanne's Mother Kay Shizuru, and, of course, Maggie

The People's Choice, The People's Voice!

Dave Nelson

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