• Fights against the majority of the Board who are Pro-Large Development.
  • Fights against Redevelopment Agency (RDA) #2 and for 2020 ballot vote of the people; the majority of the Board refuses to do so.​
  • ​​Fights for your Second Amendment rights. Initiated County “Second Amendment” Resolution #2019R-011 and signed by Commissioners March 2019.

Dave Nelson


For over a decade!

Douglas County commissioner

For over a decade!

RecordCourier|Saturday, September 21, 2019

Nelson announces 2020 re-election bid

Staff Reports

 A second town hall hosted by Douglas County Commissioner Dave Nelson on a 2,500-home proposal is 6  p.m. Tuesday at Hamdog's. Nelson presided over a Sept. 17 town hall where 100 people turned out to discuss the proposed swap of 1,044 acres of receiving area from Topaz Ranch Estates to Carson Valley north of Minden and Gardnerville.

Nelson announced he will be seeking re-election next year. County commissioners have already approved and rescinded approval of the master plan maps that would have allowed the swap and an agreement that would have Park Ranch Holdings dedicate about three miles of right of way towards two lanes of Muller Parkway which the county would have to build.

“I don’t want 2,500 homes,”  Gardnerville resident Mike Uhrin said. Valley resident Beth Hojnacke said she agreed with Nelson’s position on growth. “We can have smart growth per the Master Plan,” she said. “He’s better than three of them on the board of county commissioners. ”Gardnerville resident Larry Norby said he felt the county lacked the infrastructure to support the development. “These rural towns are disappearing,” he said. “It is a beautiful, little, rural valley. ”Nelson said he supports keeping the original Park Cattle Co. agreements of 2004 and 2007 which would keep the acreage aligned with the Master Plan and the existing ranchettes in the area.

“Only two of the commissioners are working on behalf of the people and the original plan for the community,” said Janice and Mike Rhoades of Gardnerville. “[Nelson] is listening to the people. He represents our thoughts and we stand behind him 100 percent.”

The proposed slaughterhouse on Centerville and Highway 88 was also brought up. Most people felt there is a county need but were concerned with the location. Nelson’s is one of three commission seats up for election in 2020. Commission Chairman Barry Penzel has served two terms on the board while Vice-Chairman Larry Walsh is finishing up his first term.

Both Penzel and Walsh, along with Commissioner Wes Rice have been called out by Nelson and Commissioner John Engels on their votes for the Park receiving area swap and the Stateline Events Center. Filing for nonjudicial office is March 2-13, 2020, according to the Nevada Secretary of State’s  Office. Judicial filing is Jan. 6-17. The primary election is June 9, 2020.

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  • Listens to the people
  • Fights wasteful government spending
  • Supports your Master Plan
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  • Rescinded RDA  #1