Douglas County commissioner

  "I strongly endorse Dave Nelson.  Please vote for him.  Only he and one other commissioner are for slow growth in our valley.  He is striving to keep Carson Valley rural.  Thank you, Dave!"

                                                                                 Gwen Marsh

"I would like to endorse Dave Nelson for re-election as commissioner in Douglas County. He supported the Second Amendment resolution for our county in taking a stand against the new democrat bill concerning guns in our state. Our sheriff supported this move of nonenforcement and with the support of Dave and the other commissioner a referendum was passed, after which several other counties have followed. I know that I can count on Dave for the conservative, common sense vote for us."

Dave Burns

"I am so honored to support Dave Nelson in his re-election bid for Douglas County Commissioner. He has been an excellent Commissioner and we desperately need his leadership at this time."

Brett Tibbetts

"If you want honesty and integrity and someone who will represent you and cannot be bought, vote to re-elect Dave Nelson for commissioner."

                                                           Randy and Maureen Morris

My endorsements are of the best kind, every day people who live and love Douglas County. These people have no special interest. They just want their beautiful County to remain as rural as possible. I am doing my best to make that happen, these people know that and are happy to endorse me.

"Since his election in 2016, David Nelson has provided positive, levelheaded representation to Douglas County and its residents. For example, his Townhall meetings and personal interaction with voters demonstrate he is more than willing to listen to all sides and is not dismissive of adverse positions. Dave is clear and succinct, lending clarity to convoluted issues. His well-reasoned line of thinking results in sound, even-keeled policy decisions. Since Dave has no agenda outside of serving our county and its residents, his reelection is essential."

                                                           R. R. Schwabe, Past Chair, DCRCC

Dave Nelson Commissioner Douglas County Nevada District One