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Position Papers


Dave Nelson Commissioner  District One

"Taxes, Hold'em."

Douglas County commissioner


Budget & Finance

  • Any County expenditure agenda item brought for approval by the Board of County Commissioners in a public meeting shall identify the revenue source(s) for such expenditure.
  • The County should operate on a priority-based budget without additional cost increases. When appropriate and in certain funds, zero based budgeting should be put in place.
  • No County entity shall create a new taxing authority or levy any new or increased taxes or fees whatsoever without the approval of the Board of Commissioners AND a majority of the voters, subject to Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) rules.
  • Any and all tax increases must be put to a vote of the people, it is your money.
  • All County bonds (new or continuation) shall require approval by County voters.

County Regulation of Business

  • All proposed new ordinances or business regulations should be reviewed and subjected to a cost-benefit analysis before the vote of the County Commissioners.
  • Ordinances effecting business should be free market oriented. No ordinance  should inhibit valid competition.
  • If taxes can be lowered they should be. The best way to have a prosperous economy is to provide a low cost, low impact by government environment.
  • Money removed from circulation by government (taxes and fees) is money not being circulated in the private sector and this harms the prosperity of the private sector.

Sunset Provisions

  • All new ordinances and regulations should be subject to “sunset” review provisions.
  • All old ordinances should be reviewed for applicability to today's environment.
  • All taxes should be reviewed and if they can be reduced should be.